Stronghold 3 promotion asks fans to pick unfortunate creature to become trebuchet ammo

A new promotion for upcoming castle construction sim Stronghold 3 requests that fansvote via Facebookon which of four beasts ought to be used as trebuchet ammo. Shh, no one tell PETA.

%26ldquo;Medieval sieges were often just long periods of people doing nothing,%26rdquo;said designerSimon Bradbury. %26ldquo;The besiegers would sometimes catapult all manner of things over the walls in the hope of causing disease and panic, or possibly just to relieve the boredom! Traditionally, we%26rsquo;ve had a deceased cow as alternative trebuchet ammo, but in Stronghold 3 we%26rsquo;re taking massive development leaps by offering several dead animals to choose from! Once again, I must stress they%26rsquo;re already dead before being launched skywards. They%26rsquo;re no more. They have ceased to be. Bereft of life.%26rdquo;

Oh, never mind PETA, they're already dead.

While it isn't necessarily the best idea to begin a promotion bydeclaring that the focus of your game (medieval sieges) involves "long periods of people doing nothing," we do look forward to seeing what the fans pick. The choices are:

1. Senile donkey
2. Cage of rabid otters
3. Retired dancing bear
4. Sack of diseased badgers

We vote for the rabid otters. You can speak your mind by commenting onthe Facebook post.

Nov 8, 2010

Associate Editor, Digital at PC Gamer