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First-time film-maker Simon Rumley wrote, directed and funded this £50,000 indie curio, scraping the cash together for his pet project by doing part-time jobs and borrowing on friends' credit cards. Such dedication demands some respect, and it's taken three years to get his labour of love onto the big screen (well, the NFT). But, unfortunately, the end product is far lamer than you'd hope.

What Rumley himself has described as "the first ever film to reflect Cool Britannia" is, in fact, the cinematic equivalent of being trapped in a busy pub with a pretentious loudmouth. The concept links 16 opinionated Londoners with a single, central narrator (Groves) relating his own, sad story.

The problem is none of these voices is convincing, with some poorly affected acting making little of the so-so script. In fact, you only feel like you're hearing Rumley himself sounding off, and his London just ain't as interesting as the real one.

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