Street Fighter Week: Combo Comparison


One of the office faves, Blanka lets you flip and fly around the screen for a very unorthodox fight. He's a charger, so as with Guile you need to mask your charge times. Here we jump, start charging back, hit with an aerial fierce, then low medium kick, then complete the motion to end it. Again, after a few tries in SFIV, we were able to pull it off with ease.


For Chun-Li we decided to test the whole "interrupt a charge attack" trick. The idea is, you hold down to charge, then start the movement up to trigger your special attack (flash/spinning bird kick) but hit fierce as you stand, then complete the up motion and your kick button to activate the move. Here, Chun-Li does a standing punch then flips right into her move with one motion on the controller. Works just as well in SFIV.

We tried one more thing - her classic head stomp move. If timed right, you could get three hits reliably on any character, maybe more on a larger fighter like Sagat or Zangief. SFIV's stomp works the same way, only now Chun-Li switches legs and poses as she steps. A small, but nice touch.

So, the purpose of the experiment was to see if some of the best known combos posed any trouble in Street Fighter IV. They didn't. We would've loved to have broken a story that said "ZOMG SFIV AM BROKEN" just to have such a juicy tale, but the fact is SFIV soars. Granted, we didn't check the ultra-hardcore re-dizzy combos that make regular players want to chuck their TV to the moon, but from what we've seen the game handles pretty damn similarly to our memories of SFII.

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Mar 20, 2008