And we're inclined to agree with him.Oh, and before we go, we must return to 'tequila time' - it's the new name for old style bullet time. Except here it's also been applied to your vehicle play as well as in the impressively comprehensive multiplayer mode, in which TT will become even more important, if not a game breaker - an inclusion that makes this an even better overall experience.

So,Midway hascherry-picked the best bits from existing games and used the beefy 360 hardware to bring them together in a complete package, with a little help from the Woo man himself. OK, John Woo doesn't know squat about games, but his movies, from Hard Boiled to Face/Off, have consistently delivered kick-ass action and thrilling plots, plus slow mo and doves.

Between his experience in these areas and the talent behind great Xbox action think-'em-up, Psi-Ops, as well as the power of the Unreal 3game engine (with some Havok physics thrown under the hood for good measure), this will be a match made in heaven. More at E3...