Thursday 27 April 2006
Stranglehold is fantastic. We'll tell you why in a moment, but first a word to game developers, producers and marketers: slapping a different name on an old concept doesn't make your ideas any fresher. Destroying lots of stuff, for example, isn't new; from old-gen Mercenaries, through to Full Auto, The Outfit and inevitably Gears of War, everyone is at it.

And, while we're at it, labelling it, say, massive destructibility, or even 'Massive D' doesn't make it any more yours either. Regardless of what degree of nth you've taken it to. Oh, and the same rules apply when calling bullet time 'tequila time', even if you have got the bloke who thought of it in the first place involved. It's still fundamentally bullet time. As it was and always will be.

But anyway, once you look past the marketing garbage Midway was surprisingly keen to pump out during its Stateside press event, it's clear Stranglehold is going to be hot property when it rocks up at the end of the year. Shouting the involvement of legendary action director John Woo from the top of its lungs, Stranglehold in action is breathtaking stuff. You'll play the roleof Inspector Tequila -Chow Yun Fat's character in John Woo's classic action flick Hard Boiled -in this frenetic, action packed, cinematic spiritual sequel.