Stop press: GTA San Andreas to feature two-player mode?

Unconfirmed rumours currently doing the interweb rounds strongly suggest that GTA: San Andreas will feature a - the first time a PS2 game in the GTA series has offered multiplayer support.

Whether such a mode would be based around vs or (as seems more likely) cooperative gameplay remains to be seen, as does whether it would be split-screen, feature two playable characters on a single screen or even require two PS2s to be linked up.

Rockstar were unavailable for comment at the time of writing and members of the games press who have actually played San Andreas have been signed up to watertight NDAs, so we may not actually find out whether the game includes a two-player mode or not until it's released. As soon as we have more on this story though, we'll let you know.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is released for PS2 on 29 October, with a PC version to follow in mid-2005