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Stoned review

Like kindred rock spirits Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix and Kurt Cobain, Rolling Stones founder member Brian Jones died in murky circumstances at the age of 27. Unlike Cobain’s eloquent epitaph in Gus Van Sant’s Last Days, though, Jones’ cinematic shrine is a box-ticking collection of rock movie clichés.

Acclaimed producer, turned director, Stephen Woolley has done a great job of recreating the late ’60s, but falters on narrative authenticity. Leo Gregory’s Jones isn’t a damaged man hollowed out by years of chronic drug abuse (the reality) but a flighty poet misunderstood by his avaricious band. His nemesis is builder Frank Thorogood (Paddy Considine), who’s ensnared in the S&M’n’opiates life as he attempts to do up Jones’ home. Alas, Considine’s charisma overshadows Gregory, as do asides from a squeaky Keith Richards (“You’ve got a Hendrix live album. Cool!”).

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