Steven Spielberg hatches more TV ideas

While he should be getting down to the important work of waiting until Harrison Ford is too old to star in Indiana Jones IV, Steven Spielberg just can’t stop multi-tasking.

And it looks like he’s giving in to his goggle box obsession once more. The man who brought us Taken and Band Of Brothers is developing not one, but two new TV shows, and that’s besides already working on reality telly series On The Lot, which challenges young filmmakers, and working on an adaptation of horror thriller tome The Talisman.

The first will be penned by Ed Burns, in collaboration with his missus, ex-model Christy Turlington. It’s a drama set in the cutthroat, catfight happy world of fashion and follows five 20-somethings around their glamorous lives.

The second, meanwhile, will feed the Beard’s inner geek: it’s an untitled sci-fi drama focused on time travel, with a little romance sprinkled in there. Scott Gemmill, who has worked on ER, will be doing the actual writing, cooking up a plot about two young American physicists in World War Two who discover a way to travel into the future. They wind up hopping between 2007 and the 1940s in order to aid the war effort, but, naturally, upset the careful balance of the space-time continuum. D’oh! Haven’t they watched Back To The Future? Spielberg produced that film – he could probably get them a copy.

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