Step Up review

Despite some savage reviews, this by-numbers dance-rom stormed the US box office – proving no matter how derivative, star-crossed love on the dance floor is pure teenage catnip. Face-to-watch Channing Tatum busts moves and scowls sexily as delinquent hood Tyler, who’s forced to do community service at an unrealistic arts school where pupils pay in sweat and put on a choreographed show at the drop of a hat. There he clocks driven hoofer Nora (Jenna Dewan), who’s looking for a dance partner, and before you can say “Dirty Dancing!” the duo are getting down in every way. Predictably, romantic hurdles and ghetto dangers are tossed in the mix, but the pumping soundtrack, slick dancing and Tatum’s charisma generate enough heat to slap a goofy grin on teen girls and those who know that no one puts Baby in a corner.

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