Steam's latest hit brings together D&D and Slay the Spire

Across the Obelisk
(Image credit: Dreamsite Games)

Steam players are digging Across the Obelisk, a deckbuilding RPG that just launched after finishing its stay in Early Access.

Across the Obelisk has all the deckbuilding basics, letting you put together your powers from over 500 cards. There are a dozen characters to unlock, each of which has its own abilities to contribute to your party - and yes, there's a party system, letting you customize a full group of adventurers for maximum min-maxing.

The game is also fully playable in co-op, allowing up to four players to take the roles of each party member. In proper Dungeons & Dragons style, players can jointly make decisions about how to respond to in-game events, deciding whether to, say, steal a magic stone from a dryad, fight her to the death, or leave the situation entirely.

Across the Obelisk is making a respectable showing on the Steam charts, and is current the fourth best-selling piece of gaming software on the platform's global top sellers list, just behind Marvel's Spider-Man and fellow indie hits Cult of the Lamb and Farthest Frontier.

For the 1.0 release, developer Dreamsite Games has partnered with publisher Paradox, which you probably know as the grand strategy company behind games like Crusader Kings. This is the first title under a new indie label called Paradox Arc, which promises further notable indie releases to come.

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Dustin Bailey
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