State of the Union 2012: A Gaming Podcast

Before Mr. Obama delivers his speech to Congress tonight, feast your ears on this.

We’ve invited top editors from across Future’s numerous publications to provide prognosis and predictions for videogames in 2012. Oh, and in true State of the Union fashion, we’ve also randomly chosen each of them to take on the role of “Opposition Party.” Let the sparks fly, and in our State of the Union, it’s just as uncomfortable to witness members of different parties sit next to each other as it is in Washington.

Your cast includes:

Roger Burchill, PlayStation: The Official Magazine

Francesca Reyes, Official Xbox Magazine

Logan Decker, PC Gamer

Carolyn Gudmundson, GamesRadar

Moderated by Sterling McGarvey, GamesRadar

Post date: January 24, 2012
Podcast length: 56:24

Sterling McGarvey