Stargate Atlantis 4.02 Lifeline review

Original US airdate: 5/10/07

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Written by: Carl Binder

Directed by: Martin Wood


The One Where: The team decides to take Weir with them to the planet, planning to use her Nanites to hack into the Asuran network. The mission succeeds, but McKay finds the Asurans have an inactive command in their base code that directs them to attack the Wraith. He plans to reactivate it. When the Asurans break through the team’s shield, Weir intervenes, stalling Oberoth long enough for McKay to change the base code and escape, but Weir is captured. Atlantis finally touches down in the ocean of a new planet.

Verdict: This conclusion is competent, but considering that the Atlantis team are still in a pretty desperate situation, it’s surprising that “Lifeline” lacks the punchiness of “Adrift” – disappointing from an episode that should be finishing off a really big story. The twist of Weir manipulating Oberoth’s mind is well executed, even if it is a bit predictable.

Trivia: Carter has been promoted to a full Colonel. Her promotion is an event that takes place during the Ark of Truth and Continuum TV movies, originally due to air before Atlantis’s fourth season. Post-production issues pushed them back to 2008, which screws up the timeline a bit.

Gaffe: The backpack Dr Lee is wearing when he’s beamed aboard the Apollo is not the one he was wearing when he’d just stepped through the Stargate moments earlier.

Speculation: The way Weir leaves is reminiscent of Ford, who we haven’t heard from since mid-season two. Will the same thing happen to Weir?

Best Line:
Dr Lee: "Space is quite vast."
Ellis: "You don’t say."

Leah Holmes

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