Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty – Campaign walkthrough & strategy guide

NOTE: this is the mission you'll get if you side with Tosh and attempt to break the former Specters out of New Folsom Prison

This mission follows the same pattern as theother Hero unitmissions, as you'll be commanding a permanently cloaked unit with lots of special powers. There's a base and a lot of troops here, but you won't actually be controlling any of them, you'll just be focusing on Tosh.

1.Check out Tosh's abilities

The beginning of the level will explain Tosh's powers to you including his mind blast and psi shield. Tosh will need to use his psi shield to get through areas that are covered with detectors. Be careful though as the shield will only protect him against light fire, any sustained heavy fire will quickly kill him.

2. Push forward with Raynor's troops

Proceed forward and Raynor's troops will begin the assault. It's important not to worry too much about them, as helping them will put Tosh in more danger than is necessary; they'll respawn indefinitely so don't worry about them dying.Let the troops fight and sneak around the side hallway indicated by the arrow and steel grating.

2. (Achievement) Free the first group of prisoners

You'll soon come across the first set of prisoners to free. Try and position tosh to stay just out of range and have him shoot the vehicles and mindblast the infantry if possible. Once their numbers have been reduced, use his psi shield and take out any detector units. The same strategy works for all the prison guard areas.

3. Use your nukes to break through the enemy line

Press further forward and you'll be given 5 tactical nukes to use. Use one at the chokepoint to clear out the troops and the missile turret. Once you're past the wall turn left and take out the positioned siege tanks guarding the choke point.

Use your second nuke at the foot of the main base, taking out the missile turrets and the Thors. Remember to focus on hitting the missile turrets; as long as those are taken out none of these big bad enemies can hit you.

4. Position Tosh and start destroying the main base

Above: Where to position Tosh

Pop your Psi shield and run up the ramp and to the left. You should be able to see a tiny gap between two missile turrets, position Tosh here and take out some buildings and missile turrets with another nuke.

From here on out just keep dropping nukes and wrecking buildings and Raynor's troops will help you. Clear the base and the mission is done. You'll now have access to Specter troops.