StarCraft: Ghost on hold

After more than four years in the making, Blizzard has announced that it has indefinitely postponed production of its tactical action game StarCraft: Ghost, which was due to appear on PS2 and Xbox later this year.

Blizzard points to its desire to "focus the company's console development efforts on the next generation of console platforms" as the reason behind the decision, and that over the coming months it will "further evaluate the next-gen console technology and determine the best plan of action for offering a StarCraft console-gaming experience that meets the company's expectations and those of its players."

So, rather than vanishing completely into a development black hole, there's every possibility that StarCraft: Ghost - or some of its elements - will materialize on next-gen consoles at some point in the future. Indeed, after spending so much time working on the game, Blizzard would surely be reluctant to drop the title altogether. And to be honest, we still think it has potential as a sexy, sleek shooter with a little something extra, so we hope it isn't gone forever.

March 27, 2006

Above: Four years in the making and now postponed indefinitely - will StarCraft: Ghost ever be released?

Matt Cundy
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