Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic - how Mass Effect developers Bioware made the most influential Star Wars game

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The latest issue of Retro Gamer magazine features an in-depth look at Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic (KOTOR), arguably one of the greatest videogames to feature the Star Wars name.

Ex-Bioware developers Greg Zeschuk, James Ohlen and Drew Karpyshyn reveal every aspect of the game's design in our exhaustive 10-page feature, including how they got a call out of the blue to work on a new Star Wars RPG while the team was wrapping up work on its acclaimed RPG, Neverwinter Nights. They also reveal the freedom they had working on the game with Greg Zeschuk revealing that, "we were given the option of setting it either between Episode V and Episode VI or in the pre-history thousands of years before the movies."

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The team goes on to explain why they chose to work on the Xbox version over the PC (despite both formats being neck and neck during development) and how the writing team managed the large roster of playable characters. There's also talk of the influence of KOTOR in later games, from Bioware and other developers, and how it led to the popular games, Dragon Age and The Old Republic.

In addition to our excellent KOTOR coverage, issue 202 of Retro Gamer also features a look at the explosive helicoptor shmup, Tiger Heli, an interview with Mev Dinc about the Super Mario Kart clone, Street Racer, as well as an exclusive interview with Minoru Kidooka, the president of Arc System Works. We also pay tribute to Namco's excellent arcade blaster, Time Crisis, interview videator Big Boy Barry and revisit some of gaming's greatest destinations, including Midgar and Novigrad. There's much more of course, but you'll have to read the magazine to find out.

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