Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order PS5 version outperforms Xbox Series X port - but only just

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A free next-gen upgrade for Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order launched earlier this month and there are a few differences between both console’s versions. 

Thanks to performance-analysing YouTube channel Digital Foundry, we can now see exactly how well the next-gen upgrade performs on both PS5 and Xbox Series X

The game’s publisher EA promised several improvements to the game following the upgrade including: high-resolution textures and assets, 4K/HDR resolution, improved 60FPS performance, and significantly faster loading times. Which - as we can see from Digital Foundry’s video - EA did deliver on, however with a few exceptions. 

In the video, Digital Foundry highlights the differences between the game on both consoles from frame rates, visual upgrades, and performance testing. As it turns out, the PS5 was actually the console that benefited the most from the new update as according to Digital Foundry: “The latest update perhaps has the biggest impact on PS5, though all consoles benefit.” 

The PS5 version of Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order can run at a “solid 60fps” however this does occasionally drop to just below during demanding cutscenes and gameplay. The load times on PS5 however have halved when compared to the PS4 version of the game (when running on the PS5), going from an average of 32 seconds down to just a 16-second wait. As for visual improvements, it’s very subtle however you can see an improvement in some textures, specifically any gravel floor textures and some shadows.

As for the Xbox Series X/S, this version of the game maintains pretty similar improvements when compared to the PS5. However, it suffered with more noticeable hitches during some transitions causing the frame rate to drop from 60FPS to just 50FPS. It also had an extremely close load time test result of 17 seconds, just one second more than the PS5 and received pretty much the same visual improvements to it too. 

Now that Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order has officially made its way to next-gen consoles, the game’s already impressive 20 million player count can continue to grow. 

Thinking about giving this game a try now that it’s on next-gen consoles? Make sure you take a look at our Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order tips before you get started. 

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