Star Wars fanboys boycott Fanboys

We reported on the proposed changes to Fanboys, oh, ages ago and, now that the Weinsteins are going ahead with their plans to release the new version, the geeks are building a rebellion and striking back.

In a letter posted on Ain't It Cool (who offer two sides to the debate, claiming some staffers prefer the Weinsteins' cut) a group of "Star Wars fans and 501st Legion members who donated our time, costumes, props, and support to help make the movie Fanboys" have announced their plan to boycott the flick.

They've even set up several websites to spread the anti-Fanboy word, stating: "We're going to attack the Weinstein Company death star, even if it is a suicide mission."

We'll decide which side of the Force Fanboys follows when we've seen it, but we still can't help but get excited. But then we've all got Princess Leia fantasies here. Sorry.

Source: ( Aint It Cool )