Star Wars: Episode VII pushed back to December 2015

After rumours of a disagreement between production crew and studio over Episode VII ’s release date, it seems that both parties have compromised on a December 2015 slot.

Disney has officially announced that the next instalment of the Star Wars franchise will arrive in US cinemas on 18 December 2015, some seven months after it was originally scheduled to be released.

It had previously been reported that Kathleen Kennedy had been keen to push the production back to 2016, only for the studio to insist on the original 2015 agreement. This new date would appear to go some way towards satisfying both parties.

The film will become the first in the Star Wars series not to be released in the month of May, while Disney also revealed that the film will be released in 3D.

Hopefully with this new date confirmed, we’ll finally start to see some official casting announcements over the coming weeks. Much as we love a rumour, it’s time for some concrete news…

George Wales

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