Star Legends: The Blackstar Chronicles will be Google Chrome's first 3D, cross-platform game

Spacetime Studios' free-play MMO, Star Legends: The Blackstar Chronicles, is about to unlock impressive dual achievements. According to the Austin, Texas-based studio, Star Legends will be Google Chrome’s first 3D multiplayer title and the first game to unite mobile iOS and Android players with PC and Mac players in a single persistent online environment.

Star Legends: The Blackhawk Chronicles, first announced in development for PC in 2006, has emerged from an uphill development struggle to become available as a free-play MMO for Android and iOS. The studio says it's worked with Google's Chrome team to develop the Chrome version of the title, due to launch within the Chrome App Store when the browser's next big update brings Native Client (NaCl) support to users.

Calling the upcoming release “a significant landmark,” Spacetime's Anthony Sommers sees the cross-platform title as a step toward “a social gaming ecosystem where people play together regardless of device or location.” The sci-fi ARPG, successor to Spacetime's Pocket Legends, already boasts “millions of players,” according to Spacetime, and can be downloaded from Apple's App Store or Google's Android Market. You can find out more on the officialStar Legends site, which will also host a link to the Chrome version as soon as public NaCl support launches.

Oct 12, 2011