STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl

You are an outlaw among outlaws, a high-tech poacher known as a STALKER. In 2012, twenty years after the world's worst atomic disaster, a second mysterious explosion rocked the Ukraine. The Chernobyl site became uninhabitable for humans with even the most advanced protective gear. Six years later you reenter the area, known as the “Exclusion Zone,” to bring back valuable artifacts formed by the strange anomalies there. You are not alone. Mutated creatures and other trigger-happy STALKERs compete for territory while you search for facts behind Chernobyl's lethal history.

When the STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl’s creators say "open-ended shooter," they mean it. Go ahead and explore any area in the gigantic 30-square kilometer Exclusion Zone from the very start. But use common sense: there are places you don't want to go in this lawless den of evil ... yet. Tactical experience and heavy-duty weaponry are the only way you'll break into these zones and survive.

STALKER has been in development since 2001, allowing the makers time tocook up an intriguing back story, next-gen graphics and a hyper-realistic world. They’ve also added unexpected toys like your PDA, which will act as a messenger between you and rival STALKERs, allowing trades for heavy weapons and gear (as long as they're friendly). The PDA also keeps you on the right track in the immense Zone with built-in GPS.