Square Enix Montreal working on Hitman tablet games

Square Enix Montreal will get cozy on tablets with Agent 47 as a result of changes within the publisher's internal studios. Square Enix revealed several "strategic changes" to keep up with a changing market in a press release today.

Patrick Naud, former assistant studio director of Square Enix Montreal, will take over the team as it focuses on games for tablets. It will cut its teeth on Hitman games and steadily add other games outside of the stealth assassination franchise.

After laying off almost half of its staff, IO Interactive will continue its work on AAA Hitman games for consoles and PC. Hannes Seifert will take over as IO's studio head full-time as it ramps up work on a new Hitman.

Former executive producer of Deus Ex: Human Revolution David Anfossi will take over Eidos-Montreal, which is working on Thief and two unannounced projects, and supporting work on mobile/tablet game Deus Ex: The Fall. Crystal Dynamics studio head Darrell Gallagher will retain his current role and also become head of studios, in charge of Square Enix's western development operations.

“Our focus remains firmly set on making great games and delivering unforgettable experiences,” Square Enix America & Europe CEO Phil Rogers said in the release. “Whilst our games will come in different shapes and sizes, we want to deliver them faster and better and we believe these changes will help our studios achieve just that.”

Connor Sheridan

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