Square Enix doubles down on blockchain, fans say they want literally anything else

Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core Reunion
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Square Enix is facing significant backlash from fans after doubling down on blockchain investments.

On January 1, Square Enix president Yosuke Matsuda published a New Year's letter on the company's website (opens in new tab). Aside from discussing Square Enix's sale of its western-facing studios, Matsuda wrote that "we are most focused on blockchain entertainment" in terms of new business ventures for the coming year, adding that "we have devoted aggressive investment and business development efforts" to the field.

This message has drawn criticism from Square Enix fans at large, all over multiple social media sites. On Twitter in particular, fans have been responding that they'd rather the company do literally anything else, like creating a Final Fantasy 8 spin-off game dedicated to hero Rinoa's beloved dog, than invest heavily in blockchain and NFT technology for the year to come.

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Another common line of thought is the wish for Square Enix to make a Final Fantasy 6 remake instead of blockchain technology. Others are also pointing out that Square Enix's most beloved game, Final Fantasy 7, literally stars heroes trying to fight greedy corporations and prevent the misuse of energy in an attempt to save the planet. Maybe Matsuda didn't get the memo about that one.

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Other fans are bemoaning Square Enix selling off several studios in order to fund blockchain-related investments, while some former Final Fantasy 14 players are even saying they're now glad they unsubscribed from the massive online game. Square Enix definitely isn't doing itself any favors by pinning its future investments to blockchain and NFT-related technology, among fans at least.

When Square Enix announced an NFT art franchise last year in November, fans immediately wanted it "unannounced." It probably didn't help that fans were rabidly anticipating a revival of the beloved Parasite Eve franchise.

Despite all this mess, fans are still excited for Final Fantasy 16, which finally launches later this year on June 22, 2023. 

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