Square denies Wii cross-platform MMO

Sept 7, 2007

Hiromichi Tanaka, the producer of Square's Final Fantasy XI, has revealed that the company is not considering releasing the cross-platform MMO on Wii.

This is due not only to technical issues but also to Nintendo's policies on cross-platform games. "Nintendo's currently not allowing different cross-platform titles," Tanaka said at the Austin Game Developers Conference.

"Resolution differences make it harder for us to make cross-platform games," he went on to say. "Currently we're not looking at Nintendo Wii as a platform," he said, according toKotaku.

We're not crying about it, to be honest. And if you are such a huge fan of Square's game-making talents or the Final Fantasy series, you should really buy a DS. With multiple releases out and in the pipeline, Square is all over Nintendo's handheld.

Courtesy of CVG.