Spy Hunter: Nowhere to Run - hands-on

Unfortunately the driving portions were pretty lame in this preview build too, and handling the ultra-hi-tech Interceptor felt more like driving an air-hockey puck. Your arsenal of weapons seems totally unequal to the tasks presented you, and we found ourselves wondering why our enemies got to plunk down mines by the truckload while our cutting-edge car could only spew a limp, near-pointless oil slick that didn't hamper our foes at all. Is this another element awaiting tweakage?

Our hands-on time with the incomplete version of Spy Hunter: Nowhere to Run left us unimpressed, and even kind of angry. Rather than enhancing the concept of screaming down the street, blazing away with your hot rod mounted machine guns, the whole "get out of the car and trudge through derivative third-person missions" thing had us yawning. If this title is going to come together before its Fall 2006 release, Terminal Reality has its work cut out. Can Spy Hunter turn around in time?