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Spy Hunter: Nowhere to Run - hands-on

In an effort to add more depth to the classic driving/shooting hybrid series Spy Hunter, a new wrinkle has been thrown in. Now, you're forced to get out of the badassed ride known as the Interceptor (that sweet, James Bond fantasy car) and run around on your own.

It's a noble concept that hopes to broaden the experience of a franchise that admittedly has grown a bit stale, but the problem is that the over-the-shoulder viewed sequences where you get to live the exciting life of a pedestrian feel a bit pedestrian themselves. Constantly being forced to jump out of your awesome auto so that you can slog around waxing chumps with a machine gun becomes annoying quickly. This issue only compounds itself when you don't have a weapon and need to employ a limited array of wrestling moves. Still, developer Terminal Reality has time to add some new moves... and we certainly hope they do.