Sporty new Tekken screens

As fast and frenzied as Tekken is, the one-on-one fighting is always accompanied by some unrelated minigame. If you spent any time with Tekken 3 all those years ago, you'll instantly recognize the Bowling minigame - and it's making a return in the PSP-exclusive Dark Resurrection.

When you're done pounding the 35 combatants into the ground, you'll be able to indulge in the simple bowling minigame solo or with friends, using two meters to gauge how hard you're throwing and how much spin is on the ball.

Namco has also revealed that Dark Resurrection will offer single-UMD versus play, with all fighters instantly unlocked and ready to brawl. No word on whether playing with two copies of the game will offer extra goodies.

If you want to see something a bit more normal than bowling, hit that movies tab up above and take a gander at the latest gameplay video.

May 23, 2006