Spore update - new shots

The Spore team has lifted the lid on what it's calling the Creature Stage, which is the second stage in the Spore universe. See the screenshere.

Straight from the team: "You begin Creature Stage as a simple organism which has just sprouted legs and wandered onto land for the first time.

"This stage takes place on a 3D world filled with lush plant life and life forms of all shapes and sizes. Gather DNA points as you interact with other creatures either socially or aggressively. Collect new parts, then use the Creature Creator to spend your DNA and expand your creature's abilities.

"Discover countless new species as you explore your strange new world, all of them created by other players. Depending on how you played Cell Stage, your creature will begin Creature Stage with one of three super powers at its disposal. It's a race of the species to become the first sentient creature on your planet."

Sounds interesting. More from Spore next week.

Courtesy of CVG.

May 29, 2008