Spore in motion

Spore gameplay video(WMV, 26.9MB)

Thursday 18 May 2006
With Spore's mind-boggling ambition and huge scale, you could be forgiven for having trouble grasping exactly how the evolution-simulator will actually work. Fortunately, we've hoovered up this explain-o-trailer that should make everything clear.

Spore lets you play God, from guiding a single-celled organism around in a primordial soup to launching your first space mission. Along the way, the game's massive level of freedom enables you to design your own creatures, plants, buildings and vehicles as you push your creatures through the six stages of Spore's evolutionary pathway.

Above: Exploring the vastness of space is your ultimate goal, but the adventure doesn't end there

As you progress to each new phase of development your world will fundamentally change and grow. Space colonisation and Star Trek-style terraforming using your UFO's Genesis powers might the final step, but the possibilities for intergalactic diplomacy are endless, as Spore constantly downloads new content designed by other players to bolster your universe. Spore should be released into the world early next year.