Sponsored: Our Sleeping Dogs teaser site contains an exclusive, ultraviolent 'takedown' video. Can you find it?

Sleeping Dogs, the new sandbox crim-sim from Square-Enix is coming soon. And we've put together a special microsite just for you. It's got trailers and trivia, plus an exclusive 'Takedown' trailer - a trailer so shockingly brutal, you may need to sit down for a while after seeing it. And if you're already sitting down, perhaps lying down will be in order. If you're lying down already... well, you get the idea.

Where is this wondersite? You can visit it by clicking on this link. Take a look around by clicking on the left and right arrows. Listen to the characters (if you dare - some of them don't look too friendly) and see if you can find all four hidden items to unlock the secret trailer.

Above: We're clicking on that chicken to try and find a secret. Is a chicken capable of hoarding one? Find out!

There's more than just Easter Egg hunting to be done. You can also learn about the different facets of the game, from the cops and gangs through to the driving and combat. And of course, you can pre-order a copy for yourself.

If you're over 18 and of a suitably steady-stomached disposition, head on over and see what you can find.