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SPONSORED: It's GamesRadar UK vs. the World as we try out Turtle Beach's new headsets

When we were asked to test drive the new Turtle Beach gaming headsets - the PX3 (left) and X12 (right) - we thought what better way to check out the audio oomph than by playing the readers of GamesRadar. After all, if we're going to hear the crystal clear insults of our online opponents, best to do it with people we like, eh?

Above: So comfortable it's like having your ears cupped by an angel's hands

So how did the men of GRUK get on with these premium quality headsets? Let's find out...

Cundy - Played: Modern Warfare 3

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Thanks to the sound quality of the Turtle Beach headset, I could hear the suffering and humiliation of my defeated opponents in Modern Warfare 3 like crystal clear sweet music in my ear holes. Honestly, it was like they were right there in the room with me. Dying on the floor. Over and over again.

Dave - Played: Battlefield 3, Skyrim

Good video game sound is nice. Very good video game sound is bloody terrifying. And I’ve scared the crap out of myself a few times using these things this week. Between the extra sound mix clarity and the weapons-grade bass booster, Battlefield 3 has very nearly made me vomit on occasion. And Skyrim’s atmospheric subterranean sounds make for the scariest caves since I watched The Descent when slightly over-tired.

Justin - F1 2011

The headset is comfortable and the quality of the sound from the game itself is exceptional. It's also nice to hear your own voice coming through the headphones when you speak, particularly with the added bass – it's like being in a radio studio. The volume mixers for balancing voice chat and game audio work really well and the overall feel of quality is good.

Nathan - FIFA 12

I've got a set of Tritton Call of Duty Black Ops ProGaming Dolby cans and they're unlikely to get used ever again. The quality of the PX3 headset is that good. I mustered up the courage to go back online with FIFA 12 and the clarity of sound was like sitting next to the guy who battered me 4-0, 'cept I couldn't give them a dead arm while they were show-boating.

In summary, the PX3 and X12 Turtle Beach headsets are a pair of beauties. The audio piped into your ear-holes is top notch and they offer enough adjustments to create your perfect custom setup with ease. So if you're in the market for a new headset or simply fancy upgrading to something superior to what you already have then you can buy 'em here...