Sponsored: Hitman Sniper Challenge rewards top player with very exclusive Agent 47 print

To celebrate reaching the 100 day mark in the ongoing Hitman Sniper Challenge, Square Enix has awarded JakeOllyHr1sn as the highest scoring sharp shooter so far (he's notched up an incredible 5,222,051) with an exclusive Agent 47 print. Well done him. The numbered print is one of only 47and is signed by artist Ben Oliver. Very nice.

For everyone else, you'll have to make do with looking at the print here:

But Mr JakeOllyHr1sn isn't the only fortunate receiver of prizes. As usual there are the weekly Sniper Challenge winners currently sitting atop their respective scoreboards. And this week's winners - each of whom will be sent an Agent 47 mini-figurine - are...

PS3 winner:

razor_demon - 6,075,533

PS3 honourable mentions:

X1BALBA - 5,257,276

Scottnang - 4,514,754

Lost-Soul-8 - 3,001,564

EllegableFish - 2,595,492

Xbox 360 winner:

WhammyKing - 5,470,695

Xbox 360 honourable mentions:

JakeOllyHr1sn - 5,222,051

Shauncope - 5,037,680

rincewind1990 - 4,745,353

Lewisnic1 - 4,475,428

PC winner:

DolllarrrSuso - 5,415,579

PC honourable mentions:

biscuit092 - 4,983,050

Triplelexx - 4,235,346

Ergosphere - 3,074,467

go4brendon - 2,816,569

If you want to get involved in the Hitman Sniper Challenge, you need to pre-order Hitman Absolution where you'll receive a code. You must then visit www.hitmansniper.com where you can enter that code in order to receive the redeem code to download Hitman Sniper Challenge from Xbox Live Arcade or PlayStation Network. And we're pleased to announce that PC owners can now download Hitman Sniper Challenge and get their league table started.

Remember, for your score to count, you MUST register your Gamertag/PSN ID at www.hitmansniper.com and you MUST “link your account” at hitmansniper.com/leaderboards in order to be eligible!

Once you've signed up... get sniping! Simple as that. Keep checking GamesRadar.com to find out who wins - and make sure you read the terms and conditions. By entering, you are agreeing to them.