Splinter Cell Blacklist trailer shows different play styles

Ubisoft has launched a new Splinter Cell Blacklist trailer highlighting the various play styles you can adopt to complete missions in the game’s campaign. Players can approach objectives in three ways, ranging from stealthy and non-lethal to all-out guns blazing. “Own the darkness as a ghost, perfect the predatory skills of a panther, or abandon stealth and accept the consequences of detection in assault mode,” the trailer’s narrator explains, before giving a nod to hardcore fans and Splinter Cell traditionalists: “With the right tactics, Ghosts can complete missions without ever using lethal force.”

Earlier this month, we published a new Splinter Cell Blacklist preview in which we said the game “evokes Sam's glory days”, adding: “Gameplay is classic Splinter Cell, dropping Fisher in exotic locales and providing him with a variety of mobility moves and gadgets, then leaving it up to you on how to best complete your mission… Panthers are the premeditating silent killers--a style we gravitated towards during our six-stage demo, and one that offered the same stealthy satisfaction as perfect runs in Batman: Arkham City.”

In April, Ubisoft announced that a Wii U version of Splinter Cell Blacklist will launch on the previously revealed Xbox 360, PS3 and PC Splinter Cell Blacklist release date of August 20 in the US, August 22 in Europe and August 23 in the UK.