Splatoon 3 spoilers are now online after retail copies ship early

Splatoon 3
(Image credit: Nintendo)

Splatoon 3 spoilers have leaked online following players getting their hands on retail copies ahead of launch.

The new Nintendo shooter isn't meant to launch until later this week on September 9, but that hasn't stopped Splatoon 3 from accidentally shipping to customers early. it appears a slate of users have somehow managed to get their hands on the new game over the past weekend.

As such, story spoilers and other details are now doing the rounds on Twitter, YouTube, and other forums. We won't be posting any spoilers here, but it's worth noting that at least three boss battles, several lore logs, and an assortment of cutscenes from the campaign have all made their way online.

In fact, it looks like Nintendo is actually taking action against some of those responsible for the leaks. A small-time YouTube channel called EnigmaDev has been uploading cutscene snippets over the past weekend from Splatoon 3, but all the videos now bear a notice that Nintendo has blocked them on copyright grounds.

The reason we're seeing purely campaign-orientated gameplay leaks for Splatoon 3 is that multiplayer servers won't be online yet for the new shooter. As such, anyone with an early copy of the game can't play modes like Turf War or Salmon Run, and are purely restricted to playing through the single-player campaign.

If you're itching to get stuck into the new shooter, then you can rest easy knowing there's only a few days to go before Splatoon 3 launches this coming Friday around the world. For what we made of a few hours with the new game's campaign and multiplayer offerings, you can read over our full Splatoon 3 preview for more. 

You can also check out our Splatoon 3 weapons guide for familiarize yourself with all the new gadgets before the game launches. 

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