Spider-Man: Far From Home release date, cast, trailer, and everything else you need to know


Despite everything that happened in Avengers: Infinity War,  we may well be seeing the return of Peter Parker in Spider-Man: Far From Home very soon. The latest pundits are betting on Marvel to release a teaser for the Spider-Man: Homecoming sequel this weekend, beginning December 8, giving us our first proper look at the web crawler since the events of Thanos' snap. Already, we've had confirmation of Jake Gyllenhaal playing new villain Mysterio, an official look at the new costume, and some sneaky on-set paparazzi snaps, but this trailer could tell us a lot about what to expect from Spider-Man: Far From Home in terms of its story, setting, and tone. 

Until the trailer does or doesn't drop in the next few days, we've rounded up all the latest info about Spider-Man: Far From Home, with updated details on the release date, cast, and production schedule. Read on for your Spidey fix, and try not to think too hard about how it all fits in with the Avengers: Infinity War ending. For more Phase 4 news, check out everything you need to know about Avengers 4 and Captain Marvel which, like Spider-Man: Far From Home, are also scheduled to hit theatres later next year. 

Fast Facts:

  • Spider-Man: Far From Home release date: July 5, 2019
  • Spider-Man: Far From Home cast: Tom Holland, Maria Tomei, Zendaya, Michael Keaton (rumoured), Jake Gyllenhaal (rumoured), Samuel L Jackson, Cobie Smulders
  • Spider-Man: Far From Home director: Jon Watts
  • Spider-Man: Far From Home writer(s): Chris McKenna, Erik Sommers

When is the Spider-Man: Far From Home release date?

Spider-Man: Far From Home logo

The Spider-Man: Far From Home release date has been set for July 5, 2019, which is just over two months after Avengers 4, which is out in April. That makes it the third MCU film of the year when you add Captain Marvel, which is coming first in March 2019. While sometimes there's a difference between US and UK release dates for Marvel movies—particularly considering the outrageously long wait for Ant-Man and the Wasp in the UK this year—it doesn't look like anything like that is on the cards for Far From Home so far. Fingers crossed.

If you're wondering what the significance of Far From Home being the first Marvel Phase 4 film is, Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige told Cinemablend that we shouldn't make assumptions about what the stories for post-Avengers 4 movies will be: "We're holding off on specifics on all of it for all the same reasons we hold off on everything. For the most part, it's keep the surprises going. The one thing I'll say is... the mere fact that those films exist, people shouldn't take any indication that they can now guess what will happen. Let's put it that way."

Maybe Spider-Man died, and Far From Home is all set in his dream from the afterlife! Nah. Hopefully we'll learn more about the future of the MCU, though, whether it's in the tone of the film or perhaps through new characters introduced by the movie. Aside from the troubled Guardians of the Galaxy 3, this is the only post-Avengers 4 film that Marvel Studios has confirmed.

In a very cool development, Spider-Man: Far From Home is also confirmed for an IMAX release. After the even-bigger-screen success of Venom, Sony and IMAX agreed a new deal which will see all of the company’s key upcoming releases digitally remastered for the supermassive format. “Spider-Man is a Marvel movie, and we're excited about continuing our relationship with Marvel,” IMAX CEO Greg Foster told The Hollywood Reporter. “It's been among the most fruitful relationships we've had with filmmakers. So it's a win-win.” Joining Spider-Man: Far From Home in Sony’s 2019 IMAX line-up is the Men in Black reboot and Jumanji 3.

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The Spider-Man: Far From Home cast includes Jake Gyllenhaal as a baddie

The Spider-Man: Far From Home cast provides the most information we have about the movie so far, and it features a lot of returning faces, plus a new high-profile villain. Tom Holland, of course, returns as Peter Parker, AKA Spider-Man, as does his circle of family and friends. Marisa Tomei is expected to reprise her role as Aunt May, Zendaya will once again play Peter's classmate Michelle 'MJ' Jones, and Jacob Batalon will feature as Peter's pal Ned after memorably popping up for a brief appearance in Infinity War. You can expect the rest of Peter's high school pals to join him, and it's also been reported that Michael Keaton will return to reprise his role as Adrian Toomes/Vulture too, after putting in a great villainous turn with a twist in Homecoming.

Now let's get to the juicy stuff. Back in May, Variety reported that Jake Gyllenhaal was being eyed for the role of Quintin Beck, AKA Mysterio. By December 6, 2018, Gyllenhaal himself confirmed his involvement with a cheeky Instagram post, though by that point, there was more than enough evidence to prove it'd be him chewing the scenery behind the character's famous fishbowl helmet. Deadline also revealed that Curb Your Enthusiasm actor JB Smoove had joined the Far From Home cast, though his exact role remains unknown. With two villains in the mix, there's some speculation Marvel is moving towards a Sinister Six storyline, which would theoretically collect a bunch of villains together, but this would probably make more sense when he actually has six foes to contend with.

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There may be at least one more antagonist in the film, however. Actor Numan Acar joined the cast in July 2018, playing a character known simply as Dimitri, which as many people pointed out is also the first name of Spidey villain Dimitri Smerdyakov, the Chameleon. Actors Oli Hill and Remy Hii also play mystery characters in the film. So who knows, maybe they will get to Sinister Six in Far From Home. Or maybe they're all just playing high school teachers. We'll see. You might remember that Far From Home co-producer Sony Pictures was trying to make a Sinister Six standalone movie once upon a time, so clearly it's something they've wanted to do on-screen for a while.

As for further MCU connections, it's also been confirmed that Samuel L Jackson and Cobie Smulders are reprising their roles as Nick Fury and Maria Hill respectively. Enjoy this post on Jackson's Instagram account, which was taken in Watford, near where the film is being shot: 

There's currently no news on whether Peter's mentor, Tony Stark, will appear in Far From Home, and it seems more and more likely that Avengers 4 will draw a line under the character... one way or another.

Curiously, there’s also been a surge of fan interest in having Tobey Maguire, who portrayed Spider-Man across three films from 2002 to 2007, make a cameo appearance – although not in a role that requires him to once more pull on the red-and-blue suit. Instead 82,000 (and counting!) have backed a change.org petition for him to appear as a pizza delivery guy. It’s a cute nod to Spider-Man 2, in which Peter Parker juggles his superhero role with a part-time job at Joe’s Pizza.

The Spider-Man Far From Home poster leaks

The first Spider-Man: Far From Home poster has been leaked at the Brand Licensing Europe 2018 expo in October 2018 by Instagram blogger Dirtees. It features an image of Spidey about to spring from a wall, quite clearly inspired by the webbed wonder’s comics of yesteryear. Curiously, however, it’s a design we’ve seen before, with the artwork originally used to promote Spider-Man: Homecoming in Japan last December.

The Spider-Man: Far From Home suit revealed on Jimmy Kimmel show

Tom Holland officially revealed his new figure-hugging Spider-Man: Far From Home suit in an amusing appearance on an October 2018 episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, filmed in Brooklyn. The suit features a more simple colour scheme than the one from Spider-Man: Homecoming, with a likeably old-school-Spidey feel. Inevitably Holland wears it very, very well. As we’ll get to later, during the appearance Kimmel outright asked whether the movie is a prequel, at which point Holland made a hasty exit. All three minutes and 12 seconds are worth a watch, and you can do so above.

Twitter user @Live_for_Films managed to catch a quick snap of Tom Holland sporting the suit on set, which should further whet your appetite for Spider-Man: Far From Home. 

Spider-Man: Far From Home set photos show the new, noir-inspired suit and more

Spider-Man: Far From Home is currently wrapping up principal filming on location in the city of Liberac, Czech Republic, and - as is always the case with movies with this level of attention - leaked footage and images showing both Gyllenhaal and Holland in their costumes on set have recently surfaced across the internet. 

The footage above, most pertinently, is of the former doing his thing as Mysterio, and boy, does he look the part. While the character's iconic fish bowl helmet is nowhere to be seen, the colouration and flair of Mysterio's costume has not been diluted down from the comic books. He's even got the cape, though it's unclear whether this version of Mysterio has any actual superpowers or not. 

Meanwhile, Holland has been spotted wearing a jet black version of his traditional Spider-Man suit, which suggests Peter Parker is getting involved in some serious Spidey stealth action on his globetrotting pursuits. You can see him perched atop a ferris wheel in the leaked snap below. 

That suit, while not an exact replica, brings to mind the Spider-Man Noir series from the comic books, where an alternate version of the character fights crime during the Great Depression of 1930s New York, adopting a more clandestine approach to combat and even using bootleg era guns to take out his enemies.

I doubt Holland's cinematic iteration will be killing anyone anytime soon, but it's interesting to see where director Jon Watts is getting his inspiration from, source material wise. 

Attendees at a recent comic book expo in Portugal also got a better, official look at the Spider-Man noir costume that had previously been spotted on set, with some high-res, close up images provided from Spanish film website Omelete in the tweet below. 

Final photography of Spider-Man: Far From Home apparently took place in New York in October 2018, with one eagle-eyed Twitter user spotting Holland flying en route from Atlanta to NYC in order to film reshoots. 

When to expect the Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer

According to the latest rumours, the Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer could be debuting as early as this weekend, beginning December 8. Collider reports that Marvel intends to release the trailer at the CCXP convention in Sao Paulo, Brazil, though it's unclear whether it'll be shown exclusively to those in attendance, or released online at the same time. 

While it seems out of turn for Marvel to release two trailers within such close proximity to each other (the second trailer for Captain Marvel landed on December 4), this prediction has been corroborated by Slash Film’s Peter Sciretta, so it's not out of the realm of possibility. In any case, keep your eyes peeled to the internet this weekend for a chance of spotting Peter Parker's return.

The Spider-Man: Far From Home story is likely a prequel (but Tom Holland won’t confirm)

There's no official synopsis for Spider-Man: Far From Home yet, but Feige was asked about the name by ComicBook.com back in June. "Well, I mean, sure, let the speculation begin. That's always fun," he commented. "We like [the title] of course because it ties into Homecoming, not just keeping that word going, which we like and we liked it more than Homecoming 2, but that notion of 'home' is a word that has dual meanings we'd like to continue with this [Marvel Cinematic Universe] version of Spider-Man. So, Far From Home has multiple meanings." 

Well, that's a whole lot of nothing. Better was his discussion with io9, where he said that the film takes place during the summer, and that Peter is going on vacation to Europe with his friends. That would certainly explain the 'Far From Home' title, and it tallies with recent reports that the film is shooting for a few days in Prague, following a shoot in London. A major set piece is apparently being filmed there, so expect a fair amount of the story to take place outside of New York. I guess audiences have seen a lot of Manhattan in these movies, so hey, a change of scenery sounds nice.

Following the events of Infinity War, it’s natural to conclude that Spider-Man: Far From Home will be a prequel – particularly given Holland’s appearance in a downgraded new suit first on Instagram, and then his Jimmy Kimmel Live unveiling. However, there’s been no official confirmation. Kimmel directly asked Holland about it, at which point the latter made his excuses (“I think Thanos is robbing a bank…”) and scarpered. That sounds like a ‘yes’ to us.

The Spider-Man: Far From Home director is a returning Jon Watts

Tom Holland and Jon Watts at San Diego Comic Con

(Image: © Getty)

After Homecoming made a significant $880 million at the box office, why mess with a winning team? That's why Jon Watts returns as director for Far From Home, while writers Chris McKenna and and Erik Sommers are working on the screenplay. Watts was previously an indie director, working on the Kevin Bacon film Cop Car, before he was chosen for the Spider-Man: Homecoming gig. Since the first film got a better reception than The Amazing Spider-Man films, having him back seems like a sensible choice.

McKenna and Sommers, meanwhile, were both writers on the excellent TV sitcom Community in another life, and both also worked on the screenplay for Ant-Man and the Wasp. They were two of the multiple screenwriters on Homecoming, too, and clearly they're a good fit for the funnier end of the superhero movie spectrum.

Spider-Man Far From Home soundtrack to be scored by Michael Giacchino

Spider-Man: Homecoming composer Michael Giacchino is set to reprise his role for Far From Home, according to a report from Film Music Reporter. Giacchino has already had a busy 12 months after overseeing the scores for Incredibles 2, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom and Bad Times At The El Royale, though this is his first movie confirmed for 2019. For those unfamiliar with his work, Giacchino is a three-time Grammy winner for film soundtracks who also provided the often haunting, usually incredible music on Lost, Alias and Fringe.