Spelunky 2 screenshots show off gorgeous environments to inevitably die in

(Image credit: Mossmouth)

Spelunky 2 lead Derek Yu recently shared a new batch of screenshots for the upcoming dungeon-crawling rogue-like, and as expected, the sequel looks fantastic.

"We’ve been working on making the game look even nicer, adding more details to each area and making sure that the ones that were already in there popped out better," Yu says. "I think we’ve struck a good balance now, where the graphics are crisp and easy to parse, but the details still stand out enough so that you can easily soak them up as you play the game. Effects like lighting and liquids are more vibrant now, too, contributing to that feeling of a dynamic, living world that has been our goal since day one." 

Yu's post shows off four environments: a traditional earthy cave, a lava-lit industrial zone, some sort of oceanic zone with Chinese-style temples, and a dimly lit jungle. The industrial and forest zones are probably the most impressive, at least at first blush. All the lava and fire really pops out of the former, and the shroud effect on the latter really sells the danger that Spelunky is known for. Spelunky was always more cartoony than anything, but it looks like the sequel will dial up the atmosphere. 

Yu also touched on the game's soundscape, which he describes as "much more immersive than the first game." More specifically, he says "each area not only has its own unique musical theme, but every creature, trap, item, and surface has its own suite of sound effects associated with it." 

Spelunky 2 was originally expected to launch this year, but Yu and his studio Mossmouth have yet to confirm a release date. 

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