Speed Racer the game announced

Warner Bros. Entertainment has announced Speed Racer for Wii, DS and PS2. If it's like the show we remember, it'll be coming to those systems speedily. At least if you consider speedily to be around the same time as the 2008 major motion picture release for the Wii and DS versions of the game,and the film's DVD release for the PS2.

The game will be based not on the cartoon that we know and love. Instead it'll follow the story of the upcoming Wachowski brothers' movie (based on the show) that we haven't seen yet, but are looking forward to knowing and loving. If you're concerned with any of the development for thePS2 and Wii games, you should take it up withthe developers, Sidhe Interactive.

Don't worry though,Sidhe's promising the game will let players get behind the wheel of their favorite characters from the film's signature cars and race it out in a "car-fu style of action," according to the press release. We don't know what "car-fu" is, but if it involves getting to punch the mysterious Racer X in the face, we like it.

Above: Don't worry- we already have the logo

August 8, 2007