30 spectacular crashes in F1 2014

Rosberg 'leaving his nose in' on Hamilton may have been the best thing to happen to F1 in decades, because now we finally have a rivalry on our hands that's truly worth watching. But where's the fun in a mere broken front wing and a puncture? Games are much more explosive. It's become an annual tradition at GamesRadar to test out the new Codemasters racers' crash physics in a spectacular video. So here's our pre-release edition for F1 2014. Please enjoy:

This footage was captured from a preview copy of the Xbox 360 version. So while it looks amazing now, it's not even finished yet! Look for a review soon right here on GamesRadar. And in the mean-time, always wear a seatbelt, always use your turn signal... well, unless you need to get out of the car or you don't intend to turn anywhere. Look, I can't tell you everything.

Justin Towell

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