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Space Giraffe - Xbox LIVE Arcade review

The perfect arcade shooter... for 1% of the population


  • Depth of NOT shooting at times
  • The price
  • The frenetic pacing


  • Excessive visual clutter
  • Sub-optimal camera placement
  • The learning curve

Wow. If you don%26rsquo;t know who game design guru Jeff Minter is, run away. This is not for you. If you do know Jeff, and loved (as we have) his previous games: Tempest 2000, Attack of the Mutant Camels, Gridrunner, and pretty much any game that mentions four-legged mammals in its title, prepare for either heartbreak or wish fulfillment. Minter%26rsquo;s psychedelic blastathon Space Giraffe is here. It is both fresh and timeless, both derivative and unlike anything you%26rsquo;ve ever played. And there's a 95% chance you will either love it dearly or absolutely hate it.

In general terms, this is a hyper-trippy, arcade-style shooter that looks at first to be nearly to Atari%26rsquo;s classic arcade shooter Tempest. You%26rsquo;ve got a vaguely C-shaped, geometric thing %26ndash; your "giraffe" %26ndash; that skitters on tiptoe around the rim of 100 differently-shaped levels like a cat trying to swipe a goldfish from its bowl.

More Info

DescriptionA new psychedelic blaster game from the creator of Tempest.
PlatformXbox 360