Sources say a new Batman game starring Bruce's son is coming, from the studio behind Arkham Origins

Batman: Arkham Knight may have been Rocksteady's final outing with the Dark Knight, but that doesn't mean Gotham's protector is out of the vigilante business. According to Kotaku, sources inside Warner Bros. Montreal say the studio (which most recently developed Arkham Origins) is working on a new Batman game, this one starring Bruce's son, Damian Wayne.

There's no solid details on the game, not even if it's set in the Arkham games continuity or will have the infamous asylum's name in the title - though considering the popularity of the series, I think it's fair to assume it will. Still, we can infer some ideas from this news.

In the comics, Damian is known for being a successor to the mantle of Robin, not Batman. But one potential future timeline where Damian takes up the role of Batman does exist, and let's just say he doesn't play by the same rules as his dad. Those who get in this version of Damian's way often end up dead, sometimes in particularly brutal fashion (one impostor Batman has his chest sliced open before Damian snaps his neck).

The image of Damian in his unique Batman costume with flames surrounding him is a recurring theme, and he seems to possess some degree of supernatural power. Now, doesn't that all sound a little familiar, given the ending players get if they 100% complete Batman: Arkham Knight?

Warner Bros. Montreal has gone through several changes in management this year, and the higher-ups are likely reviewing any progress made by the dev team. If that's the case, don't expect this game to be out anytime soon.

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