Soundclash! The Best Custom Soundtrack Mash-ups Ever

Burnout games are frequently known for having downright bloody shocking soundtracks, so we feltnoguilt whatsoever about messing withParadise's tunes.Satan, thy name is EA Trax.

Samuel Barber - Adaggio For Strings

Have you ever stopped for a moment to consider the nihilistic destruction that makes up a Burnout game? Empty, driverless cars which seem to exist only to tear around, stubbornly destroying themselves and each other until nothing is left but twisted burning metal. Try playing Road Rage with the haunted, mournful strings ofSamuel Barber'sclassic Adaggio For Strings ebbing and flowing over the angry roar of engines. You'll see what we mean. Tragic, fatalistic senselessness abounds.

M83 - Don't Save Us From The Flames

But if you just want to kick back and enjoy a hedonistic blitz through the sun-kissed streets of Paradise City, you can't do any better thanM83's Don't Save Us From The Flames. Even if the lyrics didn't innocently evoke the imagery of a nasty car crash ("Out of the flames, a piece of brain in my hair, the wheels are melting... Bleeding all around, liquid metal through my veins"), the jubilantly soaring guitar and keyboard would make this track the ultimate celebration of all things Burnout.

It's so unapologetically euphoric that it makes crashes spectacularly poetic (As evidenced several times in the first half of this video. Ahem) and is the the perfect sonic partner to have in the passenger seat to spur you on into cockily hurling your car through the air and generally making a nuisance of yourself at high speeds (As evidenced in the second half).