Soul Bubbles - first look

A truly unique use of the stylus, an original premise and an ethereal aesthetic makes Soul Bubbles one of the most intriguing DS titles we’ve seen in a while. The 2D puzzler puts you in charge of a young shaman apprentice who must herd lost souls to safety. Using your stylus, you’ll encapsulate the spherical souls in bubbles by circling them. Then, with a satisfying sweep across the touch screen, you can create a gentle breeze, which pushes your soul-filled bubbles about.

The game will feature 8 worlds with over 40 different levels. It sounds simple and breezy, but as you progress through the game things will get more complex. You’ll eventually need to deflate, divide and even fill your bubbles with water and gas to avoid all sorts of traps and overcome obstacles as you make your way past treacherous territory.

Right: Creating a breeze to blow your soul-filled bubbles by sweeping the stylus across the screen looks smooth and satisfying

Soul Bubbles looks quite promising so far. Manipulating and moving your bubbles past traps and crevices is genuinely original, and doesn’t look like the usual tacked-on stylus-oriented gameplay you’ve seen before. A dreamy and serene look also gives Soul Bubbles a soothing fairy tale quality that makes it seem like a great game to curl up with before bed.

Expect more news as Soul Bubbles’ tentative June release date draws nearer. In the meantime, check out moreexclusive screenshots.

Apr 14, 2008