Soul Bubbles

New screenshots and gameplay footage from Soul Bubbles have just floated in. Soul Bubbles’ unique storybook look and fresh use of the stylus have piqued our interest since our last preview.

But since then, we’ve also noticed a bit of smugness on the part of the game’s developer, Mekensleep. They know they’ve created something that breaks away from the beaten path, and before the game begins, a hilarious disclaimer warns the player that there will be no licensed racing cars, post-apocalyptic soldiers, elfs, orcs, magicians, or gang fights.

Soul Bubbles is scheduled to release on June 10 and Toys “R” Us will have the retail exclusive in the US. Further details on how long this US retail exclusive will last were not available at the time of writing. But it looks like the game will also be available at the usual online sellers like Early reviews from UK print magazines are also beginning to trickle in. So far, they are quite positive with a 93 out of 100 score from Official Nintendo Magazine.

We hope that Soul Bubbles feels as good as it looks when it releases. Expect to find out if it winds up being the underground sleeper hit we expect it to be when we get a chance to review it for ourselves. In the meantime, check out the new gameplay video andscreenshots.

Below: This video shows off some of the different ways you’ll manipulate bubbles to solve puzzles

May 21, 2008