Sony talks God of War III

Surely Sony Computer Entertainment would be mad not to bring its flagship gore-fest God of War to the PlayStation 3 - and if the latest hints are anything to go by, the Santa Monica studio is at least considering it.

"There's definitely the enthusiasm of us wanting to do that, to make the God of War III," series director Cory Barlog told ShackNews, "but there's obviously no commitment to that right now."

Right, so officially they're not working on it but that doesn't stop him offering thoughts on what a third game in the series would feature.

"Put it this way. If we ever do get to make God of War III, it'll have connections to all the games, just like [God of War PSP] has direct links to [God of War] II. So if you go and you play this game, if you remember in II or you go back and play II, you'll see situations that are directly explained because of the PSP [version] and [this game] helps flesh out [the mythology] even more. All these games have a connection to each other."

If your memory goes as far back as 2005, you'll remember thatmagazine press reporteda PS3 God of War installment alongside the second PS2 version. Perhaps SCE will have something to say about it come E3 in July.

May 22, 2007