Sony shows motion sensing tech

Sony has revealed impressive new software that allows the PS3 to precisely track the movements of a player's head without the need for them to wear any apparatus on their noggin.

The software uses the PlayStation Eye camera to identify a gamer's head and accurately track its movement, and you don't have to slap space-age goggles, LED lights or any sort of machinery on your face. You need only to have a face.

The obvious application is being able to lean your head to look around corners in a first-person shooter, but it could also work wonders for boxing games. And if the tech is extended to accurately recognise hand (and maybe even finger) movement, who needs Wii Remotes?

While that might be a way off, the head tracking alone sounds ace. Sony hasn't released info on any titles that use the tech, but hopefully it will soon.

Source: MTV

Courtesy of CVG.

Feb 28, 2008