Sony responds to God of War creator's Blu-ray bashing

Sony has responded to God of War director David Jaffe's recent comments in a Game Trailers interview where he said that he would have "taken the Blu-ray out and sold it for less money."

Normally you'd expect his bosses to sit him down and give him a good talking to, after publicly going on record about changes he'd make to Sony's PS3 strategy. But Sony seems to be OK with it, even though they think he's wrong.

Sony PR man Dave Karakker told GamePro, "While we respect [Jaffe's] opinion, we feel strongly that the future of gaming lies in the ability to deliver more to the consumer - more gameplay options, more lifelike graphics, more dynamic sound - all in high definition. To do that, you need a storage vehicle such as the 50GB Blu-ray disc, because your standard 9GB DVD simply can't handle the demands of true next generation gaming."

Secretly though, we suspect Jaffe might be hanging from a pair of nipple clamps in a basement somewhere while being stripped of his God of War II bonuses.

April 13, 2007