Sony could charge for PlayStation Network

Eric Lempel, director of PlayStation Network operations, has said that the company may one day charge for PSN. He also feels PSN and Xbox Live are currently operating on a roughly level playing field and reveals improvements to the service currently in development.

Speaking to Gametrailers, Lempel said that there was little to differentiate Xbox Live and PSN offerings to consumers other than the price. However, Lempel indicated that as the service grows, PSN may not always be available for free.

"Microsoft had a year jump on us for the launch and essentially we're offering a lot of the same stuff. I don't think there's a big difference in exactly what we're offering when it comes down to the nuts and bolts of what's actually there for the consumer... We're not charging money for our service. That's a key differentiating factor."

However, that could be open to change in the future.

"Right now that's our model. In time anything can change but right now we're happy with it."

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June 19, 2007