Sonic Forces brings some of the strangest crossovers you've ever seen to consoles and PC November 7

Sonic Mania might've been the talk of the town, but don't forget there's another Sonic game coming this year. Sega announced today that Sonic Forces will arrive on Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch on November 7 - but more importantly, it announced the game's Bonus Edition. It's uh... an interesting package.

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In addition to a controller skin showing Sonic on one side of the gamepad and new villain Infinite on the other, the Bonus Edition comes with costumes based on other Sega-published games. Don't forget this game will make your 10-year old self's dreams come true and let you create a custom avatar to fight alongside Sonic.

Get a copy of the Bonus Edition and you'll be able to wear Beat from Jet Grind Radio's shades and outfit, Joker from Persona 5's mask and outfit, Nights from NiGHTS' hat and outfit, AiAi from Super Monkey Ball's ears and outfit, and a hat based on the glob creatures from the Puyo Puyo series.

I admit it, I joked about being horrified by these crossover items on Twitter, but I honestly think this is a fun wink and nod to fans (and besides, my horror was really more at the Joker-based character's flesh-colored hands than anything). Who knows? Maybe in the future we'll get more of this type of DLC and I can finally make a Sonic original character cosplay as Seaman. Er... not that I've ever specifically thought about doing that. Nope, definitely not. In any case, fans should enjoy these digital goodies.

Another thing fans will appreciate: the price. Instead of the typical $60, Sonic Forces will cost just $40.

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