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This Sonic Adventure guide contains all the tips you need to master this platform adventure.

Sonic Adventure tips

Dreamcast | Submitted by cheater


1 golden Chao get the rock to the left of the place where you fought chaos0 get the rock go in the jewel store put the rock on the thing where the egg was take the egg to the Chao garden throw the egg you got a golden Chao

2 secret tunnel in the REAL m.r. go up stream then when you reach the pyramid go to the other side of the pyramid go to the lights to the right is the secret tunnel

Dreamcast | Submitted by cheater


1 e-102y has 3 modes walking, helicopter [get by going in water] and wheels.

2. Glitch go into the egg carrier outside go to the top area go in the door keep trying to go in the water soon you will be able to go in the water

3 e102y can get a hover upgrade in the egg carrier inside second floor turn left in one of the doors there is the upgrade.

4 e102y can fire a lock on laser when it locks on press the attack button to fire homing missiles.

5 kill a chao by attacking it a lot.

6 don't press a button for a bit of time sonic will dance.

7 in station square there is a boat go in it

to get to mystic ruins.


Dreamcast | Submitted by Joey DeCosta

Beat Eggman In One Hit

First of all go to mystic ruins. (You must beat it with Sonic First!!!!) Than go to trial mode and select mini game and then go to BOSS and when you fight the EGG HORNET than charge up your light speed dash and when you get the chance to attack there you go now sonic will automaticly do a three hit combo!!!!!!!!!!! (once you let go of the B or X button}

Dreamcast | Submitted by Robert Moore

Defeat Choas In Two Hits

You can do this trick with both sonic and knuckles.

with sonic you will need to charge up for the light speed dash as soon as you freeze him. then release the action button and this will take half of his energy.

with knuckles, first get the fighting gloves. when fighting choas, charge up for the maximum heat knuckles attack. this will also take away half strength.

Dreamcast | Submitted by Obi Durugo

Play As Matallix

Highlight sonic at the character selection screen,then press A+B+X+Y+L+R+left

Dreamcast | Submitted by Ken

All 12 Emblems On The Adventure Field

1. with Sonic go to the restaurant in Staion Square and go to the right side

2. with Knuckles dig between the four trees in Staion Square on the right where you fought Chaos 0 with Sonic

3. with Tails go near where you found the ice stone in Staion Square and fly up and you'll find it floating there

4. with Knuckles glide between the area between Angel Island and the entrance to Red Mountain and you'll find it floating there

5. with Tails go on top of his house in Mystic Ruins and look toward the mountain and you'll see it on a platform

6. with Sonic go to the train station in Staion Square and hop on the ledge on the wall and keep walking toward a small opening

7. With Knuckles hop in the mine cart and get to the other side of the Mystic Ruins and glide to where you got the Maximum Heat Knucles Attack and glide downward near Big's house and fall into the tree that's hollowed out

8. With Sonic go to the room on the Egg Carrier that look's like it would be Eggman's bedroom and step on a button that makes a part of the wall come down

9. With Sonic go to the part on the Egg Carrier that looks like it was made of green glass where you fought Chaos 6 and get shot out of a cannon and Sonic will bust a metal box, (note-you might have to do this BEFORE you push the button to make the Egg Carrier switch back to it's normal mode)

10. with Knuckles go to the room on the Egg Carrier that has a pool in it and go to the end of the room and climb the wall (note-you can look around and find ring capsules as well)

11. with Tails go to the Egg Carrier and fly up to the thing that is spinning

12. with Sonic go to the Mystic Ruins and take the mine cart to the other side of the Mystic Ruins and head to Big's house go down one of the paths and you'l find it under a branch that is leaning over diagonally

Dreamcast | Submitted by greg m.

Sonic The Armadillo

Go to the past when the Master Emerald alter is on fire. Move the camera so sonic is facing the screen head on. In the red light, sonic looks just like the mighty armadillo from the knuckles Chaotics game on the Sega 32X

Dreamcast | Submitted by Durugo

Mega Characters

Unlock super sonic,then start another game as the character you unlocked super sonic with.Obtain all the Chaos emeralds and successfully complete the game. Choose any character at the selection screen to get mega versions that can move at quadruple speed.

Dreamcast | Submitted by Obi Durugo

Play As Super Knuckles

Complete the game with all 6 characters, then complete it again with knuckles. Then quickly hold X + B at the character selection screen. Knuckles will give a thumbs up pose to confirm correct entry

Dreamcast | Submitted by shrimpy

Chao Info

There are many things you can do with chao. if you give them certian animals, they will slowly change as they grow up. there are five different systems of animals:blue green yellow purple and red.

red=elephants gorilla and lion

blue=koala skunk and

purple=parrot peacock and blue jay

yellow=penguin seal and otter

green=deer rabbit and kangaroo

If you give your chao ONLY green system animals, it will slowly resemble sonic. red system animals will turn your chao into dragon chao. purple system animals turn your chao into a nights chao. yellow system animals make your chao an alein chao. after it evolves once try a different collored annimal, it will change to a different shape

Dreamcast | Submitted by Griffin Conway

Green Chao

To get a green chao do the following steps:

Go to station square where you fought Chaos in the beginning of the game.Turn left and pick up the gray stone. Go into the shop you came out of when you got super shoes. Look at the corner of the room you should see a green stone on a platform. Put the gray stone on the platform where the green stone is and pick up the green stone. Go to the station square chao garden and chuck the green stone it should hatch and you should get a green chao.

Dreamcast | Submitted by Mecha Knuckles 23

Super Tails

You can become Super Tails by beating the game w/ all 6 characters, then beat it again w/ Tails. Highlight Tails and press X-A-Z-B and Right, Tails should do a back flip.

Dreamcast | Submitted by mathew leblanc

Beating Robotnik In The Jungle Level

After you get off the train go off the platform and turn right(you can only beat him once) keep going and you'll see tails then robitnik will show,when he dives down into the ground jump on him to hurt him,keep doing this about 3 times and you should have him beaten.

Dreamcast | Submitted by Jared

Fish On Top Of Water W/ Big

This is easy to do if you have Big all ready. First get the Life belt. Now all you have to do is float on the water and you can fish.

Dreamcast | Submitted by mathew leblanc

Free Rings

As Tails,go to any place with grass and look for a dark green weed.Wack it with your tail.If you are lucky,a ring or extra life will appear.While playing with Knuckels and have the Silver knuckle gloves,go to a place where you can dig and in most places(especialy places with plants)you can uncover up to 20 rings.

Dreamcast | Submitted by Harlow

Secret Chao Garden

If you beat the game with Tails(this is who I beat it with I'm not sure if other characters work for this code) and go to a Chao garden you will find 2 warp points with an S.S. on it and another with a small robotnik head on it. Warp with the Robotnik head and it will take you to an island with a giant rocket on it. There is a warp on the island to take you to Robotnik's air ship.

Dreamcast | Submitted by Pengguy87

How To Get Different Colored Chaos

Note: it only works on a chao that is newborn or dosen't have any animal charistics on it

To get a sonic look alike give the chao 20 blue animals (ex. moles koalas etc)

To get a alien look alike (green sonic) give the chao 20 green animals ( deer , kangaroo rabits)

You can make it any color just when your in an action stage and you get an animal you look at the bottom of the screen where all of your animals are located and look at the animals background color (deers background=green)give 20 of those same colored animals to get a chao that color

Dreamcast | Submitted by Daniel

Secret Emblems

To get secret emblems first go to Big's place where he lives, go up in the tree and in the very top there is a hole go into it and get a emblem. Next is in the burger shop go in and it is on the inside. Next is when you are Knuckles fly up into Tail's place and face the mountain,go and fly to it and you should see a emblem on a ledge.

Dreamcast | Submitted by Ross Landry

Kill A Chao

First, you must be in a chao garden. Then go up to a chao and start repeatedly attacking it. After about 7 hits, a large egg will grow over the chao. After about 30 seconds, the chao's gone!

Dreamcast | Submitted by vAnonymous

Get Sonic's Light Speed Shoes

After beating the first stage, go to the sewer and run straight and jump up and run into the light and recieve the shoes

Dreamcast | Submitted by Tim Sullivan

Infinite Special Chao

Pick a file to play. Now collect all of the special chao(gold, silver,& black) and put them in garden and hatch them by throwing them or waiting. Now, start a new game or pick another file. You will still have all of your old chao but will be able to get the special chao again!

Dreamcast | Submitted by Sophitia

The Password At The Eggcarrier

Go in the ship, and go to the part with all of those letters. Type in EGGMAN the door in front of it should open up!

Dreamcast | Submitted by Anonymous

Knuckles Fighting Gloves

Take the cart to the Mystic Ruins Forest then look for two palm trees coming from the canopy glide too them and look ahead find ahigh up piece without falling down and glide until your able to see a sort of cliff if possible you may even see a simbol light representing something that is there. Jump up and try to climb up on to the top and go into it.

Dreamcast | Submitted by Anonymous

Lock On

On sky chases act1,2 if you hold down the fire button and move the target onto enemies and let go it will automatically fire a missile. By using this you can earn extra points and it saves time.

Dreamcast | Submitted by Anonymous

Sonic Chao Baby

Feed the chao 20 of the small PINK animals only Rabbits,Kangeroos,Deer

Dreamcast | Submitted by Rob Old

Double Your Evil Chao Eggs!!!!

First go to the egg carrier and take an evil egg from the jails.then take it to the hammer game that you play with amy and drop it down one of the this a few times and then go to the jail and try and pick up one pf the eggs.when you pick up the egg another will come out.sometimes you will get eggs dissipearing and appearing in different places!!!!!!

Dreamcast | Submitted by SSJ ZAP

Flyin' Kitty

When at character selection screen hilight BIG the Cat and press Y+X+B+B+X+A. Then press START. If done right big the Cat will say "Fur Will Fly, Froggy!"

Dreamcast | Submitted by Mike Samaras

Get A Gold Chao

Go to the Station Square. go to city hall (NOT THE LEVEL), pick up the rock in the corner and go to the office. Pick up the yellow rock. set it to the side. Put the other rock from city hall and put it over were the origional rock went. Take that yellow rock to Chao Garden.Hatch it and there you go.

Good luck

Dreamcast | Submitted by GamesRadar

Full Pause Screen

After pausing play press Y + X

Dreamcast | Submitted by GamesRadar

Clean Pause

Remove the pause menu by pressing X and Y at the pause screen Used to take screen shots.

Dreamcast | Submitted by Daniel Ashmore

Be Reala

First of all go to casinopolis on the nights table get to the very top and you can play as nights on 1 level BUT if you hatch all the eggberts out of there eggs you can play as Reala

Dreamcast | Submitted by GamesRadar

Be Super Sonic

Finish the game using all 6 starting characters to get Super Sonic.

Dreamcast | Submitted by Ryan

Extra Emblem

In the train station at station square, (with sonic, amy or big) go to the top of one of the stairs leading to the train. jump towards the wall, there is a ledge. walk along the ledge to the back of the station and get the emblem.(with Knuckles or Tails) go to the platform where the train is and fly off of the legde to a hidden platform above the entrance to the station...there is an emblem

Dreamcast | Submitted by SONICFREAK

Bigs Upgrades

POWER FISHING ROD: located under bigs gazebo. this rod is longer and more high tech.

LIFE BELT: loccated on the right of the ladder in the ice cave. this lets big float on the water while fishing.

LURE POWER UPS: 1. located in the water of the level ice cap.

2. located in the water near the entrance to twinkle park.

3. located in dr. robotnicks ship the egg carrier.

4. located in an area where you found knuckles silver statue.


Dreamcast | Submitted by Mathew Leblanc

Drive With Anyone In Twinkle Circuit.

After completing the game with all six characters,you will be able to race in Twinkle Circuit with anyone.Just select the character you want,them go to staion square.Once your there,go over the little want,patch of grass and weeds by speed highway entrance,and pick up the tickit.{It will be fun rotating;and easy to spot.}Then go into the Twinkle Park building,and instead of entering Twinkle Park,enter Twinkle Circuit.You will hear a special noise that tells you that the secret is unlocked.Now just repeat the process for all the characters.

Dreamcast | Submitted by johnathan

Play As E-101 Beta

First beat the game with all characters and get all them emblems then start a game as e-102 gamma then go to the egg carrier eggman will be throwing old parts of beta off the ship and there will be a cinematic where gamma flys up catches them after that go to tails' workshop in the mystic ruins tails will be there and will rebuild beta then the next time you go to character select you will be able to be beta

note: i dont know if you have to have all emblems to do this but i did when i found this cheat out

Dreamcast | Submitted by Jake

Climb Walls With Tails

Go to the Mystic Ruins and go near the railroad bridge as Tails. Make sure you have the rhythym badge. start swooping your tails and go near a small hill. Tails should go up. He is hard to control, but it is pretty cool. You can sometimes send him into space and make him drop 10000 feet onto the ground.

Dreamcast | Submitted by Andrew Smith

Free Rings With Tails Or Knuckles

This code will get you free rings! With Tails go to Station Square,then find the tall grass and tail spin them,rings will pop out!

With Knuckles dig in soft dirt with the digging gloves and rings will pop out!

Some times you'll get 20 RINGS!!!!

Dreamcast | Submitted by Papa Smurf

Force Chao To Breed

Put A chao into your VMU and play the Chao Adventure game on it. In this game there is a matching game you can play if you match all the pictures together with no mistakes you will get a type of nut. Play this game until you recieve a "Life Nut" put the VMU back in the game and take out your Chao you will notice all the items you collected will fly out of the hole. Give a "Life Nut" to a Fully raised Chao you wish to breed and flowers will grow around it place another Chao with it and you will get a Chao Egg!!

(Note: Sometimes when this is done the Chao which had flowers around will turn back into an egg but dont worry if hatched he will be back to normal except a child instead fully raised)(also this may not work on a certain Chao but most of the time it will work)

Dreamcast | Submitted by Morgan Sinclair

The Third Emblem

With tails go to the real mystic ruins where the structure is and climb up the ladder. Fly over to the structure and go to the highest floor that you can reach. From there fly onto the trees and you'll see the hollow tree of Big's place. Fly down the hollow tree and you'll find the emblem.

Dreamcast | Submitted by Raptor2155

Underground Emblem

Be Knuckles and go where Sonic fought Chaos 0.

To your right there is four trees and dig in the middle of them and there is a emblem.

Dreamcast | Submitted by Oliver

Power Ups Info

Light Speed shoes (Sonic): The light speed shoes enable Sonic to race towards rings at light speed. These can be found in the sewers at Station square.

Ancient light (Sonic): The ancient light enables Sonic to do the Light speed attack towards a line of enemies. This can be found in the Mystic Ruins outside Red Mountain.

Rhythm badge (Tails): The rhythm badge will enable Tails to do his tails attack constantly. This can be found at the temple after you have finished Sand hill.

Shovel Claw (Knuckles): The Shovel Claw will enable Knuckles to dig underground to find various objects. This can be found in a cave in the Mystic Ruins.

Warrior Feather (Amy): The warrior feather will enable Amy to do a 360 degrees turn with her hammer attack. This can be found after beating Robotnick at wack - a - Sonic.

Hover pack (E-102): This will enable Gamma to float for a few seconds in the air. This can be found in the room that Robotnick will send you in.

Hover belt (Big): This will enable Big to float on water. Thsi can be found in the sewers behind Twinkle park.

Dreamcast | Submitted by Knuckles

Get All Characters

Sonic The Hedgehog-You start out with him

Miles"Tails"Powers-Beat the EggHornet in the Mystic Ruins

Knuckles the Enchanda-Beat the Icegap and walk up to the lake in the Mystic Ruins you will have to beat Knuckles

102Gamma-Beat the SkyDeck and you will have to beat him you get Amy to

Big the cat-Beat Chaos 6

Super Sonic-Beat game with all characters

Dreamcast | Submitted by johnathan

Play As Tikal

First do the secret level cheat then free all the animals and catch them if you do that at the end of the level tikal you appear and will talk to you and say "you have much kindness in your heart" "i shall join you"and then next time you go to character select you will be able to choose tikal and play in five levels

Dreamcast | Submitted by Ayla

Get A Light Chaos Chaos

You need a baby chaos that reborn twice and it doesn't have any,ANY animals. In its third life, you have to give 15 kinds of animals. When the baby chaos turns in adult...SURPRISE!

You get a Light Chaos chao. And a good thing: they are immortal.

Dreamcast | Submitted by GamesRadar

Upgrade Locations

This is shows how to find upgrades for all charachters.


Light Speed Shoes:

Drop in to the sewer in Station Square.

Crystal Ring:

In the hotel in Station Square, go up the stairs, make the rings apear, open the door, power up the Light Speed Dash, get the timing right then use the Light Speed Dash. Remember, timing is everything.

Ancient Light:

Go to Angel Island and look on one of the rocks.


Jet Anklet:

Go under the building where you play Speed Highway and fly through the hole in the roof.

Rythm Badge:

After you get sucked into the past, fly up to the ledge on the left.


Shovel Claw:

In the room with the gaurd monkey in the Mystic Ruins, well what can I say it's right there.

Boxing Gloves:

When you enter the Mystic Ruins jungle, glide to the ledge on the far side of the jungle.


Warrior Feather:

Get over 2000 pts on the Hedgehog Hammer game in the Egg Carrier.

Long Hammer:

Get over 3000 pts on the Hedgehog Hammer game in the Egg Carrier.


Lure Powerups:

These things are scattered throughout the game.

Life Tube:

Outside the Ice Cap level before you cross the lake, go to the right.

Power Rod:

Go to the Mystic Ruins jungle then go to the hut and push the bed aside. Underneath it is the power rod.

E102 Y:

Jet Booster:

It's in the Ammunition Room in the Egg Carrier.

Laser Blaster:

In the room across from the Ammunition Room in the Egg Carrier. (Note: You can only get it after it has chrashed.)

Dreamcast | Submitted by Tim Sullivan

7 Hidden Emblems

This code is REAL easy if you can beat the game with people. Simply watch the credits after the final boss fight and you will get an emblem! NOTE: If you already have beaten the game with a character, do not worry. Just pick the choice "ENDING" instead of start when you chose the character, the ending command will send you straight to the credits.

Dreamcast | Submitted by Logan

Unlimited Gold Eggs!

Do the golden choa egg code in the cheats at this site. Put the gold choa egg in Station Square's choa garden.Turn off Sonic Adventure then turn the game on again.Do the code again. The golden choa egg should be there again.Do this over and over to get more golden choa eggs.You can do this with any character.

Dreamcast | Submitted by Anonymous

Golden CHAO Egg

In Station Square there are only two open shops which are accessable. First off go to the place where you had battled Chaos 0. On one side you should be able to see a small rock (round) go over and pick it up once you have got it run out and stop at the roads edge then quickly turn left and run to the shop with a man standing in it not the burger shop go in and put down the rock go over to the other pick it up and go to get the other rock place it on the spot where you got the egg and go with the egg to the hotel lobby and into the chao garden theneither hatch it or put it in your vms.

Dreamcast | Submitted by Chris Mohrbacher

Free Lives With Big

You know how you get rings by digging with knuckles? Same with "Cutting the grass" with tails? well, in all three adventure fields, there's a body of water, cast around there a few times, and you should get rings and extra lives. unfortunately, no shields sence he doesn't need it. here's were to find the water:

Mystic ruins: the lake were you get the silver egg.

Station Square: Swimming pool next to the beach or (note: I havn't tryed this) the sewer were tails gets his rocket shoes.

Egg Carrior: Swimming pool in a door, on top deck (note: once you drain it, you can't use that anymore)

Dreamcast | Submitted by John Tan

Get A Metallic Chao

First go to mystic ruin then go to the waterfalls look to the right there will be a platform there jump on it. Look at the waterfalls you will see a mettalic chao egg NOTE: You can only do this if you have all 6 charecters

Dreamcast | Submitted by GamesRadar

Select Sonic's Snowboard

Just before you enter the snowboarding phase of the Ice Stage you can press X to obtain Sonic's Blue snowboard or B to get Sonic's Yellow Snowboard

Dreamcast | Submitted by Scorpio


If you want to be a super fast creature which can fly,

which is also a sonic and a tails combined,then follow the steps,(this could take a while.)

after you get super sonic, both controller #1and controller #2 will have to press start,X(4),Y(7),up,left,down,down.

if you do it correctly sonic should say great thinking!

Dreamcast | Submitted by GamesRadar

Alternate Views At Twinkle Park Race

Press Up during the race to change views

Dreamcast | Submitted by GamesRadar

Be Tails

Controller two may be used for Tails after he is obtained during game play.

Dreamcast | Submitted by GamesRadar

Faster Spins For Sonic

Continuously tap X or B to spin faster.

Dreamcast | Submitted by GamesRadar

Hidden Images

Several game images are visible if you put the CD into your PC

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