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Songbird Symphony is a charming indie with a stylish and rhythmic world

(Image credit: Joy Steak)

Have you ever want to control an adorable little bird and explore the skies without a care in the world? Then you might want to check out a new platforming rhythm adventure Songbird Symphony now out on Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4 and Steam

Developed by Joysteak Studios (opens in new tab) and published by PQube (opens in new tab). Songbird Symphony is a combination of exploration platformer and rhythm game. It mixes little puzzles and challenges together with rhythm based mini games. There is a demo currently available on the Nintendo eShop so fly on over and check it out if any of this sounds interesting. You can check out the launch trailer, and a blurb from the game description, below:

"A heart-warming journey of discovery, as orphaned chick 'Birb' sets off to find his true origins. Follow this cheerful little bouncing bird who revels in singing, and guide him through this magical journey of stunning pixel art and gorgeous animation that shapes itself to your musical interactions! Chirp to activate platforms, and sing to the residents of the forest, learning new notes to aid you in captivating rhythm battles against the creatures of this sprawling, enchanting world."

I played Songbird Symphony for a little while on Nintendo Switch and enjoyed my time with it. It's artwork and style is devilishly charming, the controls feels responsive, and it has a little bit of humor inside. It joins Skatebird (opens in new tab) as another fun little birb starring adventure. 

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Aron Garst

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