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Someone in India already owns the PS5 trademark, and it's not PlayStation

(Image credit: Sony)

PlayStation may be struggling to launch the PS5 in India, as someone in Delhi has already taken the trademark.

The news comes via a report from The Mako Reactor, which points to publicly viewable documentation showing that a Delhi resident called Hitesh Aswani filed a trademark for the PS5 name in India all the way back in October 2019, while PlayStation itself only applied for the intellectual right earlier this year, in February. 

At the moment, both Aswani’s and Sony's application for the right to use the PS5 name have been "Opposed", suggesting the matter is currently being worked out by the Indian Government's respective regulatory body. 

However, with a little over a month before the PS5 is set to launch, it's quite possible that PlayStation will have to delay the release of its next-gen console in Indian markets until this conflict has been resolved, as it cannot sell a PS5 until it has attained the right to use the name commercially beforehand. 

In fact, according to Android Central, Indian customers haven't yet received the option to even try for a PS5 pre-order in the country at present, suggesting the system won't be landing there at the same time as the rest of the world this November. 

The Mako Reactor reached out to PlayStation for a statement on the matter, but a representative from Sony India said the company "has no comments at this stage". 

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